Tips when texting a girl you like

So you meet a lady, you both hit it off, and she gives you her number. Incredible. Enjoyment runs through your mind about the interaction and all the possibilities. Other than you aren’t sure of exactly what to text a woman you just satisfied.Nevertheless, you decide to text her the next day and you have a text conversation. You feel the interaction advancing so you enjoy about it.



So you have another long “text discussion” the next day, and then another. However, now you hit a point where the lady doesn’t text back or responds to with only one word texts. You are
now confused.

You just  met an adorable girl and had a great discussion with her. There was a stimulate and you knew that she was absolutely somebody you wished to see once again! You felt over the moon after exchanging numbers with her, but now the hard work starts. You’re left alone with your phone with her number inside, considering her, questioning.

How to text her – First impression

What to text a girl ? First texts need no explanation, however that doesn’t make them any simpler to compose. The impression you make is important. You wish to hit the tone just right so that you discover as friendly but still attractive, interested however not needy, direct however not dismissive.

Get the tone wrong and reduce your chances of a response. Don’t get a response to your very first text and then you quickly need to think about whether you need to call the girl, danger sending out 2 texts in a row, or madly erasing the girl’s number.


Guidelines you need to follow before you text a girl


Don’t dive directly into requesting for the date, unless you currently discussed this when you met Your first objective is constantly simply to obtain a response.
Write a decent length of text. Extremely brief texts make it tough for her to react to you.
Try to consist of some information from the initial interaction: this will help her to bear in mind why you clicked.
Be specific. Asking vague ‘what have you depended on?’ style concerns are, again, extremely tricky for her to react to. Rather make a specific assumption about exactly what she’s doing/ how she’s sensation.
Do not make it all about one particular concern: if she does not respond to a texts that ends with a really direct question

then it comes across like she’s neglected you. Even if this is the case, you don’t want it to look like such.

What to say, exactly what to state.

The very first text is always the worst: the trickiest to compose. However, there are five styles of very first text that you can experiment with and adjust to provide you the best possibility of her saying hello back.


Girls don’t want you to be super serious or super sexual right off the bat when texting. By doing so you’d typically just come off too serious, lame, boring, or creepy.

The fact is that girls love playful banter. And by showing that you can be lighthearted, fun, and have a healthy set of emotions she is going to enjoy and look forward to messaging you.

Note for older guys: I have used this playful banter on women well into their 40′s and it still works like a charm. You just may want to tone it down a bit based on the feedback shes giving you.


Women don’t want  you to be too serious  or incredibly sexual right off the bat when texting. By doing so you ‘d normally simply come off too severe, lame, uninteresting, or creepy.

The truth is that ladies love spirited and  small talk. And by revealing that you can be light-hearted, fun, and have a healthy set of feelings she is going to delight in and look forward to messaging you.

Note for older guys: I have used this playful small talk on females well into their 40 ′ s and it still works like a charm. You simply may wish to tone it down a bit based on the feedback shes providing you.